Light Up Duanesburg

2021 Awards

  • "Clark Griswold" Award -- A "WOW" display that is over-the-top, bright, lively, and/or detailed.
    WINNER: The Folmsbees at 133 Cole Road

  • "Norman Rockwell" Award -- A classic display that is picturesque nostalgia, traditional, and/or "old-fashioned."
    WINNER: The Lindhs at 180 East Shore Road

  • "Buddy the Elf" Award -- A whimsical display with lots of color, cuteness, and/or inflatables.
    WINNER: The Lussiers at 6560 Duanesburg Road

  • "Charlie Brown" Award -- A clever display that features a structure other than the house, such as a shed, flagpole, or doghouse.
    WINNER: The Foltmans at 741 Weaver Road

  • "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" Award -- A misfit display that doesn't fit into any other award category, but is still amazing.
    WINNER: The Gauthiers at 2078 Burtonville Road

2021 Contestants

2078 Burtonville Road

133 Cole Road

386 Cole Road

1596 Darrow Road

536 Delevan Road

147 Duane Lake Road

6560 Duanesburg Road

6632 Duanesburg Road

6754 Duanesburg Road

8342 Duanesburg Road

180 East Shore Road (visible from Rte. 395)

1570 Eaton Corners Road

1775 Gallupville Road

701 Main Street

2300 Main Street

1236 McGuire School Road

563 Mountain View Lane

661 Mountain View Lane

719 Mountain View Lane

140 North Ave. ("Bright Lights, Bright Life")

180 North Ave.

215 Pannis Road

696 Schoharie Turnpike

6031 Scotch Ridge Road

1683 Van Patten Road

475 Weaver Road

580 Weaver Road

741 Weaver Road

243 West Duane Lake Road

2237 Western Turnpike

7962 Western Turnpike

10357 Western Turnpike (Esperance LP Gas)


First Place: 2078 Burtonsville Road (Gauthier Family)

Second Place: 6560 Duanesburg Road (Lussier Family)

Third Place: 133 Cole Road (Folmsbee Family)


215 Pannis Road (Stigberg Family)

180 East Shore Road (Lindh Family)

140 North Avenue "Holiday Joy" (Moller Family)