Duanesburg Community Parent Teacher Association

Founded on October 1, 2017,  the mission of the Duanesburg Community PTA is to create an environment in which every child in our community can reach his/her potential through collaboration with families, community members, and local businesses.

Annual Sponsors

Eagle Pride ($500 level)

Cheering Section ($250 level)

School Spirit ($100 level)

Executive Committee 2023-2024

President:  Yvonne Keller-Baker (president@dcpta.org)

Vice President:  Megan Kapusta (vicepresident@dcpta.org)

2nd Vice President:  Michelle DeLeon (2ndvicepresident@dcpta.org)

Recording Secretary:  Melanie Merrick (recsecretary@dcpta.org)

Correspondence Secretary:  Erika Gauthier (corsecretary@dcpta.org)

Treasurer:  Amy Walsh (treasurer@dcpta.org)

Committee Chairs 2023-2024

Membership:  Caitlyn Cleary (membership@dcpta.org)

Fundraising:  Ashley Miller (fundraising@dcpta.org)

Grants:  Deanna Fox (grants@dcpta.org)

Academics:  Melissa Peterson (academics@dcpta.org)

By-laws:  Michael Bailey (bylaws@dcpta.org)

Activities:  Emily Denny (activities@dcpta.org)

Webmaster:  Samantha Spor (info@dcpta.org)

Sports:  Vacant (sports@dcpta.org)

Banking:  Rose Ganster (banking@dcpta.org)