Nomination Information

Nominations and elections will be taking place in the early part of 2022. We are currently seeking interested teachers/staff for our 2nd Vice President position. If you are interested in submitting a letter of interest or would like more information about what specific positions entail, please email our recording secretary at recsecretary@dcpta.og.

If you are interested in serving the DCPTA but cannot commit to a board or committee chair position, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are always looking for event volunteers, graphic designers, technical wizards and well-connected individuals who can help on specific committees to help us organize events, fundraise, work a membership booth, design event flyers and more! Email if you are interested in helping with a particular committee.

Please read below for a brief overview on what each position entails. Letters of interest can be submitted to

DCPTA President: The president is responsible for all oversight of DCPTA activities and initiatives. They are the primary point of contact with the school, superintendent and principals, as well as Regional and National PTA representatives. The president will arrange for building use, sign contracts, seek grant and award opportunities, and handle grant requests from outside parties. The president will delegate tasks to other DCPTA board members, appoint committee chairpersons, and serve as an ex officio member of every committees. It is the job of the president to run meetings effectively, manage the interests of DCPTA, ensure we are meeting our organizational goals, and guide us toward success as a National PTA affiliate.

First Vice President: The first vice president serves as assistant to the president and acts on behalf of the president as needed. They are also responsible for organizing our Box Tops for Education program and gathering and creating our monthly newsletter

Second Vice President: The second vice president must be a member of the Duanesburg Teachers Association and acts as a liaison to the teachers in our schools. The second vice president also fills in for the president and first vice president if both are unavailable.

Recording Secretary: The recording secretary is responsible for taking notes and attendance at each board and general membership meeting, as well as recording the official tally of any voting that occurs during meetings. They are responsible for the minutes and agenda for each meeting, gathering items and reports from each board member and committee chair prior to each meeting. The recording secretary documents any process necessary at the direction of the president.

Correspondence Secretary: The correspondence secretary is the public-facing position of DCPTA, maintaining and updating the DCPTA social media accounts. They create emails to our membership through the MemberHub email platform and through the School News Notifier program. They create copy for the website, handle printing and distribution of flyers and newsletters, and write and send all thank you notes on behalf of DCPTA. The correspondence secretary is responsible for all general communications on behalf of DCPTA.

Treasurer: The treasurer is the financial head of DCPTA. They serve as chair of the Finance committee, manage banking endeavors, create a budget, appoint an auditor, keep financial records, review DCPTA activities for financial compliance, and create monthly financial reports. The treasurer collects dues from members, pays dues to New York State PTA, and disburses payments for expenses. The treasurer is also responsible for submitting grant and financial award information to appropriate parties, filing the organization’s tax documentation, and providing receipts for donations received by DCPTA.

The current committee chair positions are available for appointment. Please read below for a brief overview on what each position entails. Committee chairs are expected to be present at each monthly meeting, submit committee reports to the recording secretary prior to meetings, provide relevant newsletter information to the first vice president, and meet regularly (at their discretion) with committee members. Letters of interest can be submitted to

By-law Committee Chair: The by-law committee chair is the regulatory arm of DCPTA, ensuring we stay in compliance with our charter from National PTA. The by-law committee chair updates our by-laws and procedures as needed, submits them to appropriate parties, and offers clarification and explanation of by-laws when questions arise.

Academic Committee Chair: The academic program committee chair is responsible for implementing national, statewide and district-wide PTA academic programs and acts as an advocate for existing programs. They are also in charge of developing appropriate scholastic-based programming for DCPTA events.

Sports Committee Chair: The sports committee chair works with the DCS athletic director and all head coaches to promote and strengthen the athletic culture in our school on behalf of DCPTA. They are in charge of organizing our winter sports program with Maple Ski Ridge and head the homecoming committee, developing programming and procuring sponsorships for the annual homecoming week.

Membership Committee Chair: The membership committee chair is primarily responsible for building the membership base of DCPTA. This includes organizing membership drives, working with the treasurer to process membership dues, and organizing volunteers to work at community events to promote awareness and membership of DCPTA.

Fundraising Committee Chair: The fundraising committee chair works closely with the executive board to research and enact fundraising campaigns for DCPTA. This includes our apparel sales, Christmas tree event, coin drive, and others. The fundraising committee chair should focus on "smart fundraising" that generates income beyond traditional catalog methods. They also work with the treasurer to seek and apply for grant and financial award information and confer with the DCS Booster Club to coordinate fundraising dates.

Activities Committee Chair: The activities committee chair is responsible for creating and organizing DCPTA-sponsored events in the school and community, including the Halloween Bash, Sweetheart Dance, Muffins with our Munchkins breakfast, movie nights, Winter Wonderland event, Wellness Week and others. This chair works closely with the executive board to promote events, seek sponsorships and find volunteers for events. They are also responsible for creating building use forms, gathering legal compliance and licensing information and for maintaining the DCPTA stock room in the Elementary School.

Nominating Committee Chair: The nominating committee chair is responsible for recruiting potential board and committee chair position volunteers, organizing letters of interest from candidates, and presenting the information to the executive board and general membership for vote. They are also responsible for assigning duties to committee members in the event a committee chair or board member must step down before their term is over.

Updated September 2021